Managing your Teams & SMB Workspace contacts: adding, sharing, and deleting

What is the maximum quantity of contacts in an SMB Workspace account?

The maximum quantity of contacts you can share from your personal address book to your team's contacts is 25,000.

The maximum quantity of contacts shared amongst all of your team members is no greater than 25,000 x the number of team members on your team. This means, 25,000 contacts per member of a team are allowed.

How can I add contacts from my Workspace to my private Contacts+ account?

Navigate to your workspace and select the contact to be added to your address book >> click on the menu button on the right-hand corner >> Add to my contacts.

To update the contact, click on the Update in My Contacts button in the upper-right-hand corner of the contact’s details; this displays as a [...] icon. This contact should then also be available to you in your private address book. This will update matching contacts.

How can I bulk-add contacts from my Workspace to my private Contacts+ account?

You can check the box next to each contact's name that you want to add to your private Contacts+ account, then click Update My Contacts to bulk-add them from your team to your My Contacts. This will update matching contacts and add any new contacts.

Are changes made to shared contacts reflected in my private account?

In order to keep your private contacts separate from shared contacts and prevent corruption of contact data, changes that are made to your private contacts within your team account will not write back to your private account or update the private accounts of other members who are also sharing that particular contact. In essence, changes made to contacts in your team account will only update the shared contact database, whereas changes made to your private contacts will only update your private contact database.

If you want the contact changes in the team to sync back to the same contact in your personal contacts, you'll have to click the Update My Contact button.

Here's an explanation of the most common situations which you may encounter while using Contacts+ for Teams - Teams & SMB shared contacts data flow.

Are all my contacts being shared with my Workspace? 

You have the option to choose. You can either share All Contacts in your private Contacts+ address book OR you can select Specific Contacts.

Click on the 'Settings' icon, then click on 'Sharing preferences' from the left side.

Can I import contacts directly into my Workspace?

Yes. Navigate to your workspace. Press on the + sign you're seeing, then choose Import File. You can upload CSV or .VCF files.

How can I see which contacts I have added from my private Contacts+ account to my workspace?

Unfortunately, not at this time, however, we do offer other Smart Tag options. Click on Tags in the upper right-hand corner of your Web app, then choose one of the available smart tag options.

How can I add contacts from my private Contacts+ account to my workspace? 

You can either add contacts individually; or, you can bulk-add contacts to your workspace.

In Webapp, select two or more contacts and click Add to Workspace to share the selected contacts with your workspace.

Can I delete or remove a contact from my workspace contacts?

Yes, you can remove a contact from your workspace contact. First, click the contact; then, click on the three small dots in the upper right-hand corner.

 By selecting the contact from the left-hand side. You can also select multiple contacts to remove them from the workspace in bulk. Keep in mind that you can remove a contact from your team even if you haven't added this contact to your private Contacts+ account.

Can I merge contacts on my workspace?

Yes. You can check the box next to the contacts you want to merge, then click Merge.

How are my workspace contacts being sorted?

Your workspace contacts are sorted by a variety of different parameters that include: name, date created, or date modified. You can change how your workspace contacts are sorted at the top of your contact list.

Can I filter shared contacts by an individual workspace member?
Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we recommend that you set up a workspace tag for each member. That way, they can add their contacts to the tag once their private contacts have been shared. Then, they can filter accordingly.

What Contacts+ apps support Contacts+ Workspaces?

Whether you have downloaded Contacts+ for iOS, Contacts+ for Android, installed Contacts+ for Gmail or use the Contacts+ Web App, you can access your shared contacts in these apps.

Can I export contacts from my workspace?

Yes. To export your contacts, check the box next to each contact's name that you wish to export (in the Contacts+ for Web app), or you can click Select All at the top of your workspace contact list to export all contacts in your team. Once you select your contacts, click Export.

To export individual sync sources, go to Sync Sources -> select '⋮' next to the sync source you want to export -> Export.

You can also choose to export any of your shared (workspace) tags. To do so, click the Tags icon in the upper left-hand corner, select your workspace tags, choose the tag you wish to export, then click Select All at the top of your contact list -> click Export.

You can view this article to learn more about exporting from Contacts+.

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