Actions: editing Team & SMB contacts, asking for an intro, and adding tags and notes

How can I edit workspace contacts?

Open the contact you want to edit and click the Edit button.

*** Note: When you edit a shared contact (i.e. a phone number or email address), it will only update the contact's information in the workspace contact database and the changes will not sync back to your private account.

How can I ask for an intro from my teammate?

Open a contact, then click on Known by in the middle of the dashboard. Then, click Ask for Intro. This will open an e-mail message with pre-populated text. 

Can I share multiple private tags with my workspace?

Yes, just be sure to choose  Specific Contacts on the Sharing Preferences under your Workspace - Settings - Sharing Preferences

Afterward, click the tag you wish to share with your workspace in the Tags dashboard/drawer on the home page of your Web app. Click 'Select All' at the bottom of your contact list, then click 'Add to Workspace'

You can repeat this process for as many tags as you wish to share with your workspace! ***Note: Please know that the tag name/tag itself will not copy/transform into a Workspace tag.

Will tags created in my workspace contacts sync back to my private Contacts+ address book?

No, the tags created in your workspace contacts will not be synced to your private Contacts+ account.

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