Creating a workspace, privacy settings, and custom fields

How do I create a Small Business account?

See our Contacts+ for Small Business Getting Started guide.

How does Contacts+ for Small Business differ from a CRM—do I need both?

Many of our customers use Contacts+ software as either a stepping stone to or an additional layer on top of a CRM. Some of the reasons why our customers choose us for our unique value are: contact deduplication and automatic updates when information is changed or found on the web. In turn, this leads to groups of colleagues wanting to use Contacts+ as their master contact list which can feed data into other systems/apps.

Can I be on more than one workspace?

Yes, you can create and be a member in as many workspaces as you wish.

How many members can I invite to my workspace?

During the trial period (which is two weeks), you can invite up to 5 members. If you're a paying workspace user, the allowed member count depends on the plan which you can review here.

What are the different roles within a workspace?

We offer three roles: owner, admin, and member. In addition to the ability to share contacts, edit contacts, delete contacts and do any other contact-related actions, owner and admins have additional permissions.

The owner is an admin who is also paying for the workspace subscription. The owner can add/remove members, change the workspace name, add new sync sources, change billing information, view and download invoices, delete the workspace and cancel the subscription.

The admin can add/remove members, change the workspace name and delete the workspace.

I add custom fields to my workspace's contacts?

Not at this time.

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