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How can I connect my Exchange/Office 365/Outlook address book to my Contacts+ account?

If you're connecting your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook address book in the Contacts+ for Web app, you can do so from your Sync Sources.

If you're connecting your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook address book from the Contacts+ for Mac app, click on Contacts+ (menu dashboard at the top of your Mac), click Preferences, then click the [+] icon at the bottom left corner.

If you're connecting your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook address book from the Contacts+ for iOS app, tap + icon (top right corner) >> Add Sync source.

If you're connecting your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook address book from the Contacts+ for Android app, navigate to Settings >> Contacts >> Synced Accounts >> tap on + icon

What versions of Microsoft Exchange server (on-premises / self-hosted Exchange) do Contacts+ support?

Contacts+ currently supports Exchange Server 2016, 2013, and 2010.

What are the most common reasons Contacts+ will not be able to connect to my Exchange or Office 365 account?

Unfortunately, some Office 365/Exchange/Outlook accounts will not be able to connect and sync with Contacts+. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The administrator for the Exchange account has disabled Exchange Web Services (EWS). EWS is the protocol Contacts+ uses to sync with Exchange.
  2. The administrator for the Exchange account has not properly configured EWS (or has chosen not to configure it). In the case where the Administrator misconfigured EWS, connecting may still be possible via manual configuration. Please email our Support team for further instructions.
  3. EWS may be temporarily down for that Exchange account.
  4. The Exchange version is unsupported. Contacts+ supports versions 2016, 2013, and 2010. At this time, any previous versions are not supported.
  5. The site administrator has placed a firewall (most commonly Microsoft Forefront TMG) in front of Exchange such that it blocks Contacts+’s access.

Can I connect my Exchange Online/Office 365/Outlook if my account has two-factor authentication enabled?

Yes, two-factor authentication should not affect your ability to connect.

Why do we sometimes ask for your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook password? Do we store this?

Exchange Server (on-premises Exchange) does not support OAuth, so we need to store your password in order to authenticate. We store your password using industry-standard security practices. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our Support team.

Which contact list is Contacts+ syncing with my Exchange/Office 365/Outlook account?

The My Contacts list.

Are there any photo size limitations in syncing photos between Contacts+ and Exchange?

Yes. The maximum image size Exchange Web Services (EWS) permits is 2GB. Keep in mind that the vast majority of services (including Contacts+) don't upload images larger than 32/36 kB. Contacts+  software does not download images larger than 128 kB. Our photo push does not touch photos larger than 8MB.

Do Contacts+ tags sync with Exchange/Office 365/Outlook contacts?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we plan to sync Contacts+ Tags with Office 365/Exchange/Outlook in the future.

Can all contact information be synced with Exchange/Office 365/Outlook?

Unfortunately, not all contact fields are supported in Exchange/Office 365/Outlook

  • Primary
  • Company Main (Main)
  • Business Phone (Work)
  • Business Phone 2 (Work)
  • Mobile (Cell, iPhone)
  • Car Phone (Mobile, Cell, iPhone)
  • Home
  • Home 2 (Home)
  • Business Fax (Work Fax)
  • Home Fax
  • Other Fax (Fax)
  • Assistant
  • Callback
  • ISDN
  • Pager
  • Radio
  • Telex
  • Other
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