Changing theme

Contacts+ supports light and dark themes.

On the web app, enabling dark theme is very simple -- just look for the moon icon on the top right section of the app bar to toggle the view between light and dark.

On iOS, dark mode is enabled using the system-wide settings for your phone so that it works in conjunction with your other apps that support dark mode.

To enable it, you'll need to:

  1. Make sure your operating system version is 13.0 or later (you can see what version you are on by going to Settings > General > Software Update)
  2. Once you confirm you are on iOS 13, go to your iPhone Settings > Display & Brightness
  3. Select ‘Dark‘ from the two appearance options to enable dark mode. You also have the option to set this an an automatic display.
  4. Once you’ve enabled dark mode, you can go back to your Contacts+ and experience the dark version of the app.

On Android, you can easily change the app theme from the app's main settings screen > themes. 

Note: on Android, you can also change the caller ID popup theme. To do so, open the app's main settings screen > caller ID > popup theme.

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