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Where can I find Contacts+ pricing page?

You can find our pricing page here

What are the benefits of a Contacts+ subscription?

We built Contacts+ to be something that everyone can use. Whether you have a couple of hundred contacts, or a few thousand, Contacts+ ability to help you gain better insights and tap into the power of your network should be something anyone can enjoy. Here are the perks and benefits:

1. Syncing multiple address books together. Many of us have a work (or professional) email as well as a personal email address. Contacts+ Premium users can sync together all of their email accounts! Doing so allows Premium users to remove duplicates from their address books and have the same contacts available in each address book. 

2. Storage. As your own network grows, there’s a good chance that you’ll reach the Basic account limit of 1,000 contacts. The boost to 25,000 contacts will alleviate storage issues.

3. Real-time sync. Did you know that free users of Contacts+ only get their contacts synced back to Google, iCloud, or Exchange / Office 365 / Outlook once every 48 hours? (depending on the internet). However, Contacts+ Premium users will see changes made to their address book(s) every 15 minutes. For those of with large networks that value the most up-to-date information, real-time sync is a lifesaver.

4. Updates and contact clean up. One feature that people tend to forget about Contacts+ is that we’re always looking to make sure that your contacts are up to date. If someone joins a new network, uploads a new photo or changes jobs, Contacts+ will update your address book to show you that information. We can also remove any undeliverable email addresses and outdated URLs.

Here's a table showing the number of updates for each subscription plan. Updates row indicates the number of updates users will receive, while Person insights row indicates the number of insights Contacts+ will look for.

  Free/Basic account Monthly subscription Yearly Subscription Contacts+ for Teams trial Contacts+ for Teams Monthly Contacts+ for Teams Yearly
Updates* 20/week 250/week 500/week 250/week
(per user)
(per user)
(per user) 
Person insights* 100/week 250/week 500/week 250/week (per user) 250/week (per user)  500/week (per user) 
  •  *Updates
    • New information we have found for people in your contact list. You can apply them in any Contacts+ app and sync to your connected accounts.
  • *Person Insights
    • General data (such as photos, social profiles, job titles) we offer in Contacts+ for Gmail for connections outside of your address book.
      Please know that you have to have at least one contact source (Google, Exchange or iCloud) connected to see updates and person insights.
  • Please know that you have to have at least one contact source (Google, Exchange or iCloud) connected to see updates and person insights.

5. Business card transcription. Here's a table showing how many business card transcriptions users get with each subscription plan.

  Free/Basic account Monthly subscription Yearly Subscription Contacts+ for Teams or SMB trial Contacts+ for Teams or SMB  Monthly Contacts+ for Teams or SMB Yearly
Business Card Transcriptions 10 50/month 1000/year 10 50/month
(per user)
(per user) 

6. Email signature capture. 
If you've connected your Gmail account and want Contacts+ to pull additional phone numbers, email addresses, etc. from your contacts email signatures (to either add to existing contacts or create new contacts with), you'll want to upgrade to Premium. Once you upgrade, you can take advantage of our email signature capture feature.

Where can I upgrade or downgrade my individual Contacts+ subscription?

In  Contacts+ for Web, you can upgrade or downgrade on your Account page.

In  Contacts+ for iOS, you can upgrade or downgrade from Contacts+ Settings page. Alternatively, click on the following link to launch iTunes.

In  Contacts+ for Android, you can upgrade from the app sidebar or from settings -> upgrade. To cancel a subscription, launch the Google Play Store app -> open the sidebar menu -> Subscriptions -> select the subscription you'd like to cancel.

In Contacts+ for Mac, click on "Get more features" displayed below the account name. Clicking on your required plan allows you to make a purchase.

Please note that Contacts+ subscription will automatically renew, unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of its billing period.

Where can I downgrade my Contacts+ for Small Business subscription?

The easiest place to downgrade your Contacts+ for Small Business account is by opening our web app >> choosing the workspace you want to downgrade >> Gear icon (Settings) >> Shared address books >> Subscription >> Manage Subscription

Please note that only the owner of the workspace will be able to manage / cancel the subscription.

I think my purchase failed. How can I make sure the purchase for my individual Contacts+ account went through?

If you're having issues with your purchase, this is likely due to a network error.

In  Contacts+ for iOS:

1. Go to Settings -> tap Manage Subscription ->  Restore Purchases.

2. If that doesn’t work, please send logs to our Support team from the app by tapping on Settings -> Contact Support.

    • Afterward, delete + reinstall the app, then click Restore Purchases.

In Contacts+ for Android:

  1. Go to the Google Play store and click the purchase button for the subscription you already purchased.
  • Either a spinner will appear and show Premium OR
  • It will ask you to pay again. IF this occurs, do not make another purchase; instead, send logs from the Contacts+ for Android app.

In  Contacts+ for Mac, please go to File -> Restore Purchase.

How can I purchase more business card transcriptions?

If you are a Premium yearly user and go over the card limit, you can also purchase additional cards from the Subscription page.

A pack of 100 cards costs $17.99 and a pack of 1,000 cards costs $149.99.

You also get the following cards as part of your subscription:

  • Premium monthly: You get access to 50 business cards per month. This resets each month and doesn't rollover. 
  • Premium yearly: If you need more than 50 business cards per month, Premium yearly allows you to transcribe 1000 business card scans without any monthly limitations.

Where can I change my credit card information for my individual Contacts+ account?

If you upgraded in  Contacts+ for Web, you can change your credit card info on your Subscription page. If you upgraded via Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store, you'll need to upgrade your credit card info with one of the aforementioned providers.

I'm currently on an individual Premium subscription, but my credit card is not valid. What is going to happen?

If you upgraded through  Contacts+ for Web, we will attempt to re-charge your card four more times until the payment is processed successfully. If unsuccessful, your account will automatically be downgraded back to Basic. If this occurs, you will not lose any contact details; however, we recommend upgrading back to Premium to resume all syncing, updating, and de-duplicating features. 

If you upgraded via  Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store, you will be contacted by one of the aforementioned providers (via email) to update your credit card info.

Can Contacts+ create a VAT invoice for a European company?

Contacts+ is not registered for VAT. We are a DE incorporated company and are not required to be registered for VAT in any of the foreign jurisdictions that our app is sold. 

Does Contacts+ provide refunds?

Unless you purchased your Contacts+ subscription within 48 hours or you have been double-charged, we do not provide refunds. Here is our Refund Policy.

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