Permissions, privacy terms/conditions, claiming data

Why does Contacts+ ask for permission to access my mailbox, sign me in, and read my profile (Google Contacts, iCloud, and Exchange)?

Due to the way permissions work, we must ask for this blanket access in order to sync contacts. However, Contacts+ will not access or sync any other information besides your contacts/contact details.

Can you explain the Safe Harbor update?

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Oct 6, 2015, that the Safe Harbor framework for the transfer of EU data into the U.S. is invalid. There is currently much uncertainty regarding the appropriate actions to be taken in response to this ruling. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a statement in response to the ruling, with greater clarity and guidance expected in the coming days. However, alternative provisions such as model contract clauses do currently exist allowing for the transfer of personal information from the EU to the U.S.
At Contacts+, privacy is of the utmost importance, as detailed in our privacy policy, and we will continue to uphold the principles of the now-defunct Safe Harbor. Our team will be closely monitoring the follow-up discussion and guidance of this ruling and, once a sufficient level of clarity and consensus has been reached, we will swiftly implement the recommended alternatives.

Does Contacts+ provide data to advertising networks?

We contractually require developers not to do this, and to require their customers not to use personal data for the purposes of cookie tracking, ad exchanges, ad networks, data brokerages, and sending electronic communications (including email) in violation of applicable law.  

How does Contacts+ handle privacy issues?

Here is our privacy policy. If you are a customer, please see our Terms of Service for information about the type of data Contacts+ can collect.

Does Contacts+ provide any private information?

We make a clear distinction between:

1. Public data: which is information that is publicly available on the Internet, or otherwise available in the public domain. We aggregate public data, take into account corrections and feedback, and provide this information to developers and end-users of Contacts+.

2. Private data: which is privileged contact information to which only our customers have access and is not publicly available. In order to provide the Contacts+ service, we may need to process this data behind the scenes; however, private data is not disclosed to any other Contacts+ customer without explicit permission.

You can read more about our Privacy policies here. You can also claim your profile's details here(allowing you to edit, delete, and hide information you don't want to be exposed publicly). 

Where can I claim my contact’s data?

You can claim the details associated with any of your email addresses or phone numbers here. This is a quick and easy way to edit, hide, or update information we have on your behalf.

What are the permissions differences between an Owner, Admin, and a Member in a Contacts+ for Teams/Small Business account?

In addition to the ability to share contacts, edit contacts, delete contacts and do any other contact-related actions, owners and admins have additional permissions on the Team.

The owner is an admin who is also paying for the Team's subscription. The owner can add/remove members, change the Team name, change billing information, view and download invoices, delete the Team, and cancel the Team's subscription.

The admin can add/remove members, change the Team name, and delete the Team.

I noticed when connecting my Gmail inbox for email signatures, that Gmail permissions requires full access to "view and manage" my email. This sounds dangerous. Can you clarify?

Currently, we use IMAP to access Gmail which requires full permissions; however, rest assured that we are not sending emails, deleting emails, etc. on your behalf. Rather, we are simply using these permissions to extract data from your contacts' email signatures.

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