Deleting Contacts+ account and data

You may stop using our services at any time and request the deletion of all data related to your Contacts+ account:

In Contacts+ for Web, go to the account settings page -- scroll down to close account.

In Contacts+ for iOS, go to settings -- tap on your account name -- pencil icon -- close account.

In Contacts+ for Android, go to settings -- select my account -- tap  edit (top right corner) -- close Account.

In Contacts+ for Mac, go to Contacts+ menu -- preferences -- account -- close account.

In Contacts+ for Gmail, got to settings (bottom right corner) -- close account -- you'll be directed to our webapp account settings page -- scroll down to Close Account.

For a Team or a Small Business workspace, go to the workspace settings -- members & settings -- manage -- delete workspace. 

Or via email, by sending a data removal request to: Your request must include the subject line: “Request to Delete My Contacts+ Data” and a clear statement that you want to delete your Contacts+ data and terminate your account in the email body. After verifying your account email, your Contacts+ data will be deleted within 7 working days.

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