Why did I get an email from Google about limiting access to data from my Gmail account? [June 2019]

On June 25, 2019, Google began emailing users of Contacts+ (formerly FullContact) regarding access to “...some data in your Google Account, including your Gmail content” specifically naming FullContact.  An image of the email is below.

If you received this email, it is likely because you granted the app (at the time FullContact) access to your Gmail account for the purposes of extracting signatures from your email and suggesting new contacts to your address book.

Recently Google made policy changes that greatly restrict use cases like these along with what apps have access to your email data.  Unfortunately, as we’ve attempted to work with them to get our use case and app approved, we’ve found their process to lack transparency and timeliness.

That said, we continue to make every effort to work with Google to try to get the feature approved so that we can continue to provide signature extraction to you.

We will update this article as we work through this issue with Google.

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