Contacts+ for Android: Questions & Answers

Will Contacts+ continue to support the Pro Android app I already have installed?

Other than critical security issues or end of life updates, the app will no longer be supported.

How long can I continue to use the Contacts+ Pro Android app?

We have not set a date to remove the app from Google Play.  However please note that we will stop support and improvements for it other than critical security issues should they arise.  We recommend making the switch now.

Does this change impact my usage of your other apps, like on iOS, Mac, Web, or the Gmail chrome extension?

No.  The only users impacted are users of our Android apps.

Why do I have to switch to a new app, why didn’t you just update the Pro app I already use?

We had two Android apps, and one of them required having users moved over.  We decided it would be best to move users of our Pro app to the new app.

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