Contacts+ for Android app update [November 2019]

The newer versions of the Contacts+ app for Android (version 5.119 or later) include a number of upgrades to help you easily manage your contacts with automated syncs across devices and accounts, enriched updates, and smart deduplication.

The features you know and love, including identifying unknown callers and senders (SMS) or spammers, blocking spam calls and SMS, and bringing contacts, calls, and SMS together, are still alive and well. If you need help navigating the updates, please reach out to

Other features like groups and tags filters, merging duplicates, and reminders will make their comeback soon. Notes and tags will allow you to organize your contacts with the added benefit of enriched data. Our Assistant tool, including automated scans to ensure you always have the most accurate information about your contacts, will also allow you to merge duplicate contacts across accounts and devices. Stay in touch when it matters most with reminders about your contacts, including weekly reminders for upcoming birthdays. To receive updates about these features and more, subscribe to email

While some of our legacy features didn’t make the cut due to infrequent usage, we’re always interested in hearing from our users about features they’re interested in. To submit a feature request, visit support

In addition to the features you’re familiar with, we also wanted to highlight the features that make Contacts+ different from other contact management apps. 

Sync Across Accounts
We connect multiple accounts or sources to create a unified address book for you. Get up-to-date contact information that syncs across multiple accounts and devices automatically. 

Stay Up-to-Date
We let you know what contact information may be out-of-date. Automated scans ensure you always have the most accurate information.

Eliminate Duplicates
We detect duplicates and updates for frustration-free contact management. Merge duplicates to create a unified address book across multiple accounts and devices.

Complete the Contact
We take a single piece of information-email address, social handle, phone number-and give you a more complete profile. Enriched, contextual data ensures you always contact the right person.

Scan & Save Business Cards
We transcribe business cards and double-verify them before adding them as new contacts in your address book. Scan and save business cards on-the-go using our mobile app or upload them in bulk using the web app.

Access Contacts Anywhere
Our app is available across Web, iOS, Android, Chrome & Mac, ensuring contacts are synced, up-to-date, and available wherever you are. Access and manage your contacts anytime, anywhere. 

Add Contacts+ to Your Tools
We offer customizable integrations with two-way sync. Integrate your contacts with other software tools in a few easy steps.

Plus Other Great Features

  • Secure Storage & Backup: Backup and restore your contacts to keep them organized, synchronized, and safe.
  • Notes & Tags: Organize your contacts with notes and tags to group, search, and filter.
  • Call Blocking & Identification: Stay connected to those that matter most, block spammers.
  • Granular Search: Set advanced search options to narrow and quickly search results. 
  • Birthday Reminders: We send you weekly reminders including upcoming birthdays. 
  • Email Signature Extraction: We turn email signatures into new or updated contacts. [Coming soon, exclusive to Premium]

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