Contacts+ Mac App frequent sign-in

If you are prompted to log in to your Contacts+ Mac app each time your MAC OSX device is restarted, something might be off with the KeyChain access on your Contacts+ Mac app.

Please check KeyChain for `FullContact Authentication`and if it has an entry for Contacts+ under Access Control.

Please find the following .gif file with the procedure followed to make sure that the FullContact entry doesn't show up on KeyChain access:
giphy.gifIf you see 'FullContact' instead of 'Contacts+' (as shown in the .gif file), please open the `FullContact Authentication` with the right-click (two-finger tap) -> Get Info. You just have to delete the 'fullcontact' entry from the KeyChain. That should do the trick! You don't have to create a new entry for Contacts+ as it will happen automatically. So, once you delete the fullcontact entry, you should be all set.

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