Tags and Smart Tags: syncing, creating, and sharing

How can I create, view, edit, and delete my tags?

In Contacts+ for Web, you can add, remove, or edit a tag to an individual contact or groups of contacts. The quickest way to view all of your existing tags, creating new tags, and delete tags is via the Tags dashboard that you can open by pressing the tags icon right on the left-hand side.

This will then open a list in the right side of the screen.

By clicking the Edit button, you can remove tags you no longer need. This does not delete any of your contacts; rather, it deletes the tag(s) associated with your contacts. Keep in mind that if you have your Google Contacts and/or iCloud address book connected, the corresponding group will be deleted in your Google Contacts/iCloud address book. 

You can also add (or remove) tags directly from individual contacts.

....or you can add (or remove) tags directly from groups of contacts.

In Contacts+ for Mac, you can add, remove, or edit your tags from the left-hand side dashboard.

  • Simply right-click on the tag for more actions.


You can also edit tags directly on your contact.

Lastly, you can hold down the shift key and arrow down to select multiple contacts at a time, then add them to a tag.

In Contacts+ for iOS, you can edit, remove, and search your tags from the menu dashboard.


Alternatively, you can add (or remove) tags from contacts by selecting contacts from clicking Edit in the upper right-hand corner. Then, choose the tag action at the bottom of your contact list.


In Contacts+ for Android, click the Tags icon (upper-right corner) to view, edit, add, remove, and search your tags, smart tags and connected contact sources.

Alternatively, you can also click on a contact, click the pencil icon at the top of the contact, then add, edit, or remove a tag.


In Contacts+ for Gmail, you can add (and remove) tags directly in the contact's details.


How can I filter my tags?

You can use our advanced search options as well as filter your tags based on various criteria. For example, to find contacts who don't have specific tags associated with the, please use the following search:

  • tag:"Tag A" AND NOT tag:"Tag B" OR tag:"Tag C" OR tag:"Tag D"

To find all contacts without any tags, use this search:

  • missing:tag

Please note that the advanced search only works in Contacts+ for Web.

I want to add tags/groups to my imported file before I upload it, how can I do that?

The Google format has "group membership," Outlook has "categories" (but only permits one category per "categories" column); "Category" is also understood.

Add "group membership" or "categories" etc. to the header of your file, then in each cell, include the tag's name. If a contact has more than one tag that will be added, make multiple "group membership" headers.

Are my tags syncing bi-directionally as groups in Google, iCloud, and Exchange/Office 365?

Tags in Contacts+ sync bi-directionally as groups in Google and iCloud; however, we do not currently bi-directionally sync with folders/groups in Exchange.

How can I export my tags?

From Contacts+ for Web, choose the tag you want to export, click Select All at the bottom of your contact list, then click Export at the top of your account.

In Contacts+ for Mac, click on a tag, then click on the contact at the top of your contact list, hold down the shift key, then click on the contact at the bottom of your list (to select all contacts) -> click Share -> click Save to File.


How can I view contacts without a phone number, email address, or organization in my account?

Use the Smart Tags in the Tags dashboard to select contacts we have automatically tagged with missing information. Feel free to also use the various search operators and syntax outlined here.

What are Smart Tags?

These are default tags that Contacts+ adds to your account; these include Business Cards, Missing Email, Missing Organization, etc. You can select multiple Smart Tags at once.

Can I create my own Smart Tags?

Not at this time, but we are considering this feature.

How can I search for all contacts with a tag?

Use the search parameter NOT missing:tag in the search bar at the top of your Web app.

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