Importing, exporting, and sharing contacts

How can I import contacts into my Contacts+ account?

In Contacts+ for Web, go to Sync Sources -> Import CSV or vCard or click the + button -> File Import

In Contacts+ for Mac go to File -> Import from File or drag and drop your import file into the app. Note: only vCard files are supported in Contacts+ for Mac.

Which CSV files does Contacts+ support?

Unfortunately, not all comma-separated-variable (CSV) files are one and the same. Here are the formats we currently support:

  • Contacts+ CSV format (click on the link to download our .csv template)
  • Gmail Contacts CSV format
  • Gmail Contacts exported to Outlook CSV format
  • Hotmail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (English version only)
  • Outlook 2010
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo! Mail contacts CSV format
  • Yahoo! Mail contacts exported to Microsoft Outlook CSV format

We recommend you edit the CSV file you have so the data is organized into the fields/columns defined in the Contacts+ CSV format. To help you with this task, an annotated example of a Contacts+ CSV format file is available for download here.

Why can't I import LinkedIn connections?

You can learn more about LinkedIn import here.

How can I share and export contacts from my Contacts+ account?

In Contacts+ for Web, you can either export individual contacts, groups of contacts, or entire sync sources. To export individual (or groups of contacts), check the box next to each contact's name or select all contacts -> Export.

To export individual sync sources, go to Sync Sources -> … next to the sync source you want to export -> Export.

In Contacts+ for iOS, tap on a contact -> tap on the vertical [...] in the upper right-hand corner -> tap Share contact. Keep in mind that when you share a contact, the vCard will share all information except notes and tags.

In Contacts+ for Android, tap … next to the contact -> Share.

In Contacts+ for Mac, click the⇪ button -> Save to File.

How can I export my business cards to add them to a CRM or email marketing platform (i.e. Salesforce)?

1. Click on the tags icon in the upper left-hand of your Contacts+ for Web app.

2. Then, select Business Cards from the right menu-bar that shows up.

3. Select one contact and then click the Select All -> Export.

If you're importing business cards into another CRM, we recommend exporting as a Google CSV file.

I want to add tags/groups to my imported file before I upload it, how do I do that?

Add "group membership" to the header of your .csv file.

If a contact has more than one tag that will be added, make multiple "group membership" headers and input each tag in its own cell OR add two tags in one "group membership" cell by separating them with " ::: " (empty space, three colons, another empty space). For example:

Contacts+ ::: Business ::: Personal ::: Work

Which sync setting should I choose when importing my CSV or vCard file?

While this is a personal preference, if you want all of the contacts in your imported file to be added to your My Contacts, choose to Add as New; if you only want Contacts+ to update your existing contacts (in your My Contacts) with contacts in your imported file, choose Update Existing.

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