Contacts+ for Mac: shortcut keys and menu bar version contact actions

What are the shortcut keys for the Contacts+ for the Mac app?

Here are general keyboard shortcut keys:

⌘+F Focus search bar

⌘+N Create new contact - enters edit mode

Shift+⌘+N Create a new tag

⌘+L Enter edit mode for open contact

⌘+S Save contact changes, Exit edit mode

⌘+⌫ Delete selected contact, contacts or tag

⌘+M Minimize the Contacts+ window

⌘+, Open Preferences window

^+S Sync Now

⌘+H Hide Contacts+

⌘+O Import contacts

^+⌘+Space Emoji & Symbols

⌘+W Close Window

⌘+Q Close Application

Additionally, while the search bar is focused, the following keyboard shortcuts are supported:

Arrow key Up to select the previous contact in the search list.

Arrow key Down to select the next contact in the search list.

Enter opens the first contact in the search list.

Lastly, holding Shift adds contacts to the selection.

What is the menu bar version of the Contacts+ for Mac app and how can I use it?

The menu bar version (of Contacts+ for Mac) exists only when you have the Contacts+ for Mac app open. To set Contacts+ to show only the menu bar app, go to Contacts+ -> Preferences [ ⌘+, ] -> select Hide Dock Icon.

Menu bar version allows you to search, contact (email, iMessage, call), add new contacts, view contact details, edit contacts (will open a new window), add a contact to favorites, merge or delete contacts.

How can I search for a contact in the menu bar version?

To search for a contact, start typing in the search bar; search doesn't work in URL fields yet. Contacts+ will automatically show details for the first contact in the list.

How can I add a new contact in the menu bar version?

To add a new contact, you will need to type in the information that's not matching any existing contact, or by clicking ⌘+ N (this will open the dock version of Contacts+ for Mac).

How can I edit a contact in the menu bar version?

To edit a contact, click on the pencil icon in contact view or with right-click on a contact. Right-click also allows you to email, iMessage, call a contact, add it to favorites, share, or delete it.

How can I select multiple contacts in the menu bar version?

You can also multi-select contacts to merge them, contact them (email, iMessage, call), favorite, share, or delete them.

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