Profile photo images: uploading, deleting, low-res, and limitations

How can I add a photo to a contact?

To change the photo for a contact, the contact must first be a contact in your Contacts+ address book. If the contact isn't in your Contacts+ address book yet, you will need to add the contact first.

If the contact does not already have a profile photo, you can upload one in Contacts+ for Web; click Add Photo.

If you already have the person in your Contacts+ for Web address book, you will see a pencil icon when you move the cursor to the image. Click the pencil icon to bring up the photo edit screen.

From here you can upload a new photo, or choose from the available ones from your computer by hitting the App Photo next to the options. The photo must be JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, or base64 to upload. 

How can I delete a photo from a contact?

In  Contacts+ for Web, click on the pencil icon next to the contact's current photo, then choose the contact you want to delete by clicking the trash icon in the upper right-hand corner.

In  Contacts+ for iOS, select a contact, then click the pencil button in the upper right-hand corner -> tap on one of the current profile photos for contact (the one you want to remove) -> click Remove this image.

In  Contacts+ for Android, click the pencil/edit button in the upper right-hand corner. Once in edit mode, click the close icon for the photo you wish to delete until a prompt appears to confirm the deletion.

In  Contacts+ for Gmail, click on the pencil icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the profile photo -> hover over the photo you wish to delete and click Delete.

Why are some of my images low-resolution?

You may notice that some of your images are a lower resolution than what may have been updated either manually or from a social networking account. This is because of sync with Google which converts all images to a 96x96 resolution. Basically, Google will take any image associated with a Google Contact and turn the profile picture in a 96x96 resolution image, then sync it back to Contacts+.

We have implemented a way to ignore these lower resolution images, but only if Contacts+ has seen a higher resolution version beforehand. In other words, we will ignore the 96x96 images from Google unless we have something that is a higher resolution.

Are there any photo size limitations in syncing photos between Contacts+ and Exchange?

Yes. The maximum image size Exchange Web Services (EWS) permits is 2GB. Keep in mind that the vast majority of services (including Contacts+) don't upload images larger than 32/36 kB. Contacts+ software does not download images larger than 128 kB. Our photo push does not touch photos larger than 8MB. 

What is the file upload size limit?

The maximum filesize for uploads is 20MB for individual Contacts+ accounts and 40MB for Contacts+ for Teams users.

What is the size limit while adding a contact photo?

The maximum size for uploading contact photos is 1MB.

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