How to send log files and report issues

I think I found a bug. How can I report it?

If you encounter a bug or issue, please add the following items when sending an email to our Support team:

  • A detailed description of the issue and the steps you took before the issue occurred. That way, we can attempt to reproduce the bug.
  • Include screenshots of the issue.
  • Add log files (see instructions below).

When the bug is escalated with our developers, it will be assigned to the corresponding team: prioritized as a Low, Medium, or High priority issue. These levels will determine the severity and average resolution time of the issue.

High priority bugs will be resolved in 48 hours.

Medium priority bugs will be resolved in 4 weeks or less.

That being said, if you suspect there’s an issue with Contacts+ services as a whole: for example, the Contacts+ for Web app won’t load or sync, you are unable to upgrade or downgrade your account’s subscription, your contact lists/address book sources won’t load, or duplicates are being created by the thousands, etc., the issue is likely platform-wide. In these aforementioned instances, our Developers are immediately notified for investigation purposes. Most likely, one of our major services is temporarily stalled or broken.

How can I send logs to Contacts+ Support team?

In Contacts+ for iOS, go to Settings -> Contact Support -> Send.

If you can't log into your account to access the Settings menu, you can tap 'Help' from the login screen.

In Contacts+ for Android, go to your Contacts+ app, tap the '≡' Menu button > 'About' > 'Priority support'

In Contacts+ for Mac, click Contacts+ (menu bar) -> Send Feedback. Logs will be automatically added to the message.

In Contacts+ for Gmail, go to Help (bottom right-hand corner) -> 'Contact support' (upper right-hand corner).

Please know that the log files will be attached to the message automatically.

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