How to: add favorite contacts, set primary fields, adjust/customize labels, and perform quick actions for contacts

How can I add a contact to my favorites?

On Contacts+ for Web and Mac, to add a contact to your favorites, just select the contact and click on the '☆' to the top right-hand corner of the contact card.

On Contacts+ Mobile apps, you can add a contact to your favorites by selecting the contact-- on the top right you will see the menu (3 Dots)-- Select 'Add to favorites'.

How can I set a primary phone number, email address, and/or location for a contact?

In  Contacts+ for Web, click Edit in the upper right-hand corner, then drag/drop contact information to make it primary (to note: you can only drag/drop when there is more than one phone number, job title, email address, etc.).

When you drag your cursor over the briefcase, phone, email etc. , a hamburger icon is displayed
Hovering over the icon displays,

Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_2.43.53_PM.pnguse the hand to drag + drop contact info in the order you prefer.

In  Contacts+ for Gmail, click the Edit icon to bring up the Edit screen for a contact.

The information that shows up first is the primary. If you want to change address, phone number, and/or email address to primary, you can move it by clicking and holding/moving the hamburger icon that shows up next to the label when you hover over with your mouse.

Once you have the order you would like selected, click the Save button at the bottom to go back to the contact. 

How can I adjust labels for my contacts?

If you need to adjust the labels for your contacts, we suggest using Contacts+ for Web or Contacts+ for Mac.

In  Contacts+ for Web, click on Edit in the upper right-hand corner, then click the drop-down arrow next to any label to adjust it.

In  Contacts+ for Mac, navigate to Contacts+ (menu dashboard) on the top left corner >> Preferences >> Template, drag and drop on the hamburger icon displayed to adjust the labels.

In  Contacts+ for iOS, click Contact icon >> Settings >>  Contact items >> Reorder >> drag and drop the labels to reorder. Once you have finished, tap on "Done".

Unfortunately, in  Contacts+ for Android, currently, we do not support label customization.

In  Contacts+ for Gmail, click on the label and a drop-down list with available options will appear.

Keep in mind that in Contacts+ for iOS and Contacts+ for Mac, you can't change the label for a specific contact; however, per the screenshots above, you can change the general labels.

Can I add custom fields?

Yes, when adjusting the label, choose custom/other to make your own label.

How can I perform quick actions (call, text, etc.) for contacts in Contacts+ for iOS/Contacts+ for Android?

In Contacts+ for iOS, long swiping to the right on a contact (from left to right) will give you immediate actions, which include calling, calling via Facetime, video via FaceTime, sending a message, sending an email, etc.

In  Contacts+ for Android, double-tapping on a contact allows you to make calls.

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