Contacts+ for Android

Welcome to Contacts+!

Contacts+ is a powerful contact management tool that helps you stay fully connected with your contacts. As a centralized database, Contacts+ syncs together all of your address books, merges duplicates, and adds more complete and enriched contact information from the web. Contacts+ lets you keep all your contacts synchronized and up-to-date on your phone, desktop, and even in your Gmail. Download our apps and you’ll be able to access your contacts everywhere you need them.

This guide serves as a resource for getting started with our Web App. We outline the first things to do as a new user, best practice actions to take, and how to become a power user. Welcome aboard!

Contacts+ resources:

  • Knowledge Base: Our Knowledge Base is a good place to find all Contacts+ help articles and how-to guides.
  • Contact Us: If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Contacts+ Support team. We are here to help. Contact us here.
  • Blog: Interested in the latest things on customer intelligence, contact management, and Contacts+ news? Subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop.

First steps:

To set yourself up for success, we'll walk you through the first crucial steps in setting up your Contacts+ account.

1. Download Contacts+ for Android from our website or the Google Play Store

  • Create your Contacts+ account. Feel free to use the Sign Up with Google option if you have a Gmail account (by doing so, you'll use your Gmail credentials to create your Contacts+ account).

2. Complete the onboarding flow

  • Connect a social profile (i.e. Twitter).

3. Let Contacts+ sync all of your contacts

  • In less than a minute, you should notice that all of your contacts have been synced to the Contacts+ for Android app.

4. Settings page

  • Click the Settings [gear] icon to manage the following sections: Manage Subscription, Sync sources, Contact items, Name format and change the way your contacts are sorted.
  • Manage Subscription: Upgrade to Premium to reap the benefits of a Premium subscription.
  • Sync sources: ensure all address book sources you want syncing with Contacts+ have been added, you've selected your preferred sync settings, and you've either enabled or disabled your Device contacts.
    • You can add additional address books via the [plus] icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Contact items: adjust default labels and reorder the fields for your contacts via the lined dots on the right-hand side. Click on lined dots, then drag the field up or down to reorder.
  • Name format: change how names are displayed.
  • Notifications: choose if you want to receive notifications on your device about a transcribed business card, contact updates, duplicates or upcoming birthdays.
  • Sync: initiate a sync.


Now that you've finished the first five steps as a new user, next we'll walk you through best practice guidelines for getting the most out of Contacts+ for Android.

1. View Contact / Quick Actions

  • Click on the vertical [...] icon next to a contact to access quick actions: call, text, email, etc. Keep in mind that clicking the three dots will call the number listed at the top of the contact.
  • Otherwise, click on a contact to view all details, add the contact as a favorite (via the … button), edit the contact (via the pencil icon), etc.

2. Assistant

  • Apply updates where you see fit. If you ignore an update, it will not be offered to you again.
  • Apply duplicates where you see fit. You can merge all duplicates at once or merge your contacts one at a time. When merging your contacts, all information is included in the final version of the contact. You can edit your merged contacts later.

3. Search bar

  • Use the magnifying glass icon at the top of your contact list to search for contacts, email addresses, tags, and more.

4. Add a contact, capture a business card, and add a new sync source

  • Via the blue [+] icon in the upper right-hand corner, get immediate actions.

5. Tags

  • Add, edit, or remove tags -> click on a tag icon to view all contacts in it.

Become a power user:

Are you a power user yet? Almost! In the final portion of this Getting Started guide, we'll show you a few of our favorite tips and tricks.

1. Share / delete a contact

  • To share or delete a contact, open it, tap … -> choose which option you want.

2. Select multiple contacts to email / send a message / tag / merge or bulk delete

To select multiple contacts, tap and hold on one of the contacts you want to select. Then, tap on others.

2. Integrate with Zapier

  • Use our Zapier integration to send business cards to a variety of CRMs, email marketing platforms, and more. You can find helpful instructions here.

Thanks for joining Contacts+! By the end of this guide, you should be able to leverage your Contacts+ address book to improve your contact management challenges.

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