Contacts+ for Small Business

Welcome to Contacts+!

Contacts+ is a powerful contact management tool that helps you stay fully connected with your contacts. As a centralized database, Contacts+ syncs together all of your address books, merges duplicates and adds more complete and enriched contact information from the web. Contacts+ lets you keep all your contacts synchronized and up-to-date on your phone, desktop, and even in your Gmail. Download our apps and you’ll be able to access your contacts everywhere you need them.

This guide serves as a resource for getting started with our Web App. We outline the first things to do as a new user, best practice actions to take, and how to become a power user. Welcome aboard!

Contacts+ resources:

  • Knowledge Base: Our Knowledge Base is a good place to find all Contacts+ help articles and how-to guides.
  • Contact Us: If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Contacts+ Support team. We are here to help! Contact us here > Select 'Contact Us' (on the top right-hand corner) to submit your query.

First steps:

1. Create your workspace:

To create your workspace, go here and select "As a Team". Please be informed that we offer a free 2-week trial for Contacts+ for Teams, so feel free to create your team and see how it works for you.

You can also simply log into your existing account and choose 'Create a shared address book' from the 'My address book' section on the top right-hand corner of the WebApp. Or go to

2. Choose a name for your Workspace and continue.

3. Invite new members:

To invite new members to your newly created workspace, hover over the workspace initials (right side of the screen) -> + person icon-> Choose 'Invite new Members'.

4. Adding contacts to your Teams Workspace:

There are multiple ways you can add new contacts to your workspace:

  • You can import contacts from a .csv or .vcf file by clicking the '+' button from your workspace -> and selecting 'File Import'.
  • You can go to Sharing preferences (from and opt to add all contacts from your private Contacts+ account or only specific contacts from your private Contacts+ account. If you're brand new and don't already have a Contacts+ account, our recommendation is to choose Specific Contacts, but you can always change the sharing setting later.

  • You can add sync sources and import contacts automatically from various CRMs or other services on SMB accounts. To do that, go to Sync Sources -> Add Sync source. To read more about it, go here.

5. Download Contacts+ for iOS or Contacts+ for Android to access your workspace contacts on the go.

***Note: To upgrade to the Small and Medium Business workspace (SMB), please reach out to our customer support team here.

Thanks for joining Contacts+! By the end of this guide, you should be able to leverage your Contacts+ for Teams/SMB address book to improve your contact management challenges.

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