Contacts+ for Small Business

Welcome to Contacts+!

Contacts+ is a powerful contact management tool that helps you stay fully connected with your contacts. As a centralized database, Contacts+ syncs together all of your address books, merges duplicates, and adds more complete and enriched contact information from the web. Contacts+ lets you keep all your contacts synchronized and up-to-date on your phone, desktop, and even in your Gmail. Download our apps and you’ll be able to access your contacts everywhere you need them.

This guide serves as a resource for getting started with our Web App. We outline the first things to do as a new user, best practice actions to take, and how to become a power user. Welcome aboard!

Contacts+ resources:

  • Knowledge Base: Our Knowledge Base is a good place to find all Contacts+ help articles and how-to guides.
  • Contact Us: If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Contacts+ Support team. We are here to help. Contact us here.

First steps:

1. Create your workspace

To create your workspace, go here and select "As a Business" or "As a Team"

You can also simply log into your existing account and

  • Click the + icon from the left-side menu:

2. Choose the name of your Workspace and continue

4. Invite new members

To invite new members to your newly created workspace, hover over the workspace initials (left side of the screen) -> gear icon -> Members.

5. Add contacts to your Workspace

There are multiple ways you can add new contacts to your workspace:

  • You can import contacts from a .csv or .vcf file by clicking the + button -> File Import.
  • You can go to Sharing preferences (from the gear icon) and opt to add all contacts from your private Contacts+ account or only specific contacts from your private Contacts+ account. If you're brand new and don't already have a Contacts+ account, our recommendation is to choose Specific Contacts, but you can always change the sharing setting later.
  • You can add sync sources and import contacts automatically from various CRMs or other services on SMB accounts. To do that, go to Sync Sources -> Add Sync source. To read more about it, go here.

6. Download Contacts+ for iOS or Contacts+ for Android to access your workspace contacts on the go.

Thanks for joining Contacts+! By the end of this guide, you should be able to leverage your Contacts+ for Small Business address book to improve your contact management challenges.

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